2018 Events & Reserved Parking Times

Cones will be put in place when the parking is required for events other than those held on a regular basis.

Please see below for events  including weekly and monthly.

Please park within the yellow line to avoid any obstruction to the highway.

Please do not obstruct the Fire Exit gate from the garden.

Thank you.

Enquiries Email:myhillside@hotmail.co.uk

Please see Below for Weekly and Monthly Events

Other events to be held in the Village Hall can be found on the Homepage.


Pilates 1pm — 3pm

Table Tennis Match Night — August — April — 7pm –10.30pm


Table Tennis Club Night –August – April– 7pm –9pm


Table Tennis Match Night — August– April — 7pm — 10.30pm

Dancercise 10am — 12.30pm



Parish Council — 1st Tuesday of each month except January — 7.30pm — 9pm

Any change to the above will appear on the homepage and under Parish Council heading.

Village Hall Committee — See Homepage.