Parish Council Meetings

Agendas & Minutes for meetings are available in the Main Heading.

Meetings are held in the Village Hall, Main Street, YO62 6UD at 7.30 pm.

Click on Read More to view the proposed Calendar of Council Meeting Dates 2022/23. Please note that these are provisional dates.

Calendar of Meetings for 2022 – 2023.

12 April———–Ordinary Meeting 7.30pm

10 May ———–Ordinary Meeting – Cancelled

19 May————Annual Meeting of the Council 7.30pm 

14 June———–Ordinary Meeting 7.30pm

12 July————No Meeting Scheduled

9 August———No Meeting Scheduled

6 September—-Ordinary Meeting 7.30pm

11 October——-Ordinary Meeting 7.30pm

8 November—–Ordinary Meeting 7.30pm

6 December——No Meeting Scheduled

January————No Meeting Scheduled

13 February——Ordinary Meeting 7.30pm

14 March———-Ordinary Meeting 7.30pm