The Parish Council is made up of 4 Councillors elected as a result of the uncontested election on 7 May 2015.

The Councillors are:

Cllr S Bentley                                                                  Register of Interest

Cllr H Pettiford (Chair)                                                Register of Interest

Cllr E Shephard                                                              Register of Interest

Cllr R Strickland                                                             Register of Interest

The Clerk is Miss S Brown West View, Queen Street, Gillamoor. (

Councillors with delegated or specific responsibilities are listed below;

Cllr H Pettiford (Chair)         Court Leet, temporary Caretaker overview

Cllr Strickland                         Court Leet

The Council is currently one Councillor down as a result of Cllr Bannister resigning – the position was available for co-option by the Parish Council the Council welcomed the attendance of David Dangerfield to the meeting