Parish Council Monthly Meeting

The Parish Council meets on the first Tuesday of each month in the Village Hall at 7.30pm with the exception of January.

N.B. Any changes to this or any other meeting that involves the council will be announced on the Homepage of the website and the notice board at the Ryedale Folk Museum.

The Agenda is published prior to the meeting and is displayed in the notice board at the Ryedale Folk Museum and also on the website under Parish Council.  Requests for matters to be considered by Council should be forwarded to the Clerk – contact details must be included as it may be necessary to obtain further detail prior to inclusion on the agenda

All council meetings are open to the public and press. Time during the meeting is allowed for general comments to be heard at the discretion of the chairman.

Most comments/concerns can be dealt with in the above manner.

The Parish Council has 5 members. Elections take place every 4 years. The last contested election was in 2003 when there were 8 candidates.

In 2007 two councillors retired but as no one stood the 3 remaining councillors were re-elected unopposed. Subsequently 2 residents were co-opted.

In 2011 the local election was scheduled for Thursday 5 May. With the retirement of one councillor and no new candidates  the remaining 4 councillors were re-elected unopposed.

In May 2013 following an application regarding the casual vacancy, that was duly advertised, the position was filled and the council now has 5 members.

In 2015 the local election was scheduled for Thursday 7 May. With no new candidates  the 5 councillors were re-elected unopposed.

A resignation was received in March 2017.